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Pure Natural Dragon's Blood

Puricas Dragon's Blood Scar Gel

Puricas Dragon's Blood Scar Gel

Purified Nanogel with Dragon's Blood Extract

About Product

Puricas Dragon's Blood Scar Gel is a scar gel with concentrated dragon's blood extract, which helps soften and flatten scars for a less noticeable appearance by reducing discoloration and smoothening scar. The appearance of scar will fade when apply consistently.

Despite being a new face in an already-booming scar gel market, Puricas Dragon's Blood Scar Gel handles scars like no others. While containing common healing ingredients with other brands, our Scar Gel tops them up with the best healing agent:
Dragon's Blood Extract. The extract is special as it is derived from the natural juice of the Miracle Tree in Africa (Croton Lechleri Tree) – dubbed the best "Nourishing and Healing" ingredient for skin...

How is Puricas Different from Others?

How Does 'Puricas' Stand Out?

Products derived from nature...

Puricas, medicinal-cosmetics new face for scar treatment, was originated under the same concept of natural healing with 'Natura Remadee' – its medicinal-cosmetics parent brand, whose name speaks for itself as it came from the playing of the word 'natural remedy'.

The natural remedy, which Puricas abides by, is the balanced combination of Thai classic ingredients, local wisdom, along with a touch of advanced technology. Such combination is created for the sole purpose of achieving the safe health and beauty product with zero-harm effect.

Dragon's Blood Extract does the trick

The extract making Puricas stand out is actually the gum derived from the bark of the Miracle Tree (Croton Lechleri) grown throughout the Amazon. The miraculous extract is appropriately dubbed 'Blood Quickening Elixir', as it is packed with enough powerful properties to create the best healing agent.


Company Profile

Puricas is operated by Natural Remadee, a natural based company that purified Thai Classic ingredients with local wisdom and advanced technology to benefit all user with natural healing, "Remedy"

Our Vision

"WE provide customer with high quality natural product which could remedy both body and soul".

Our Mission

  • To develop modern technologies and product efficacy that suitable for all skin type.
  • We will always use high-standard quality research and development to deliver best efficacy product.
  • We aims to create a safe health and beauty product with zero-harm effect.