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Mangosteen, a queen of fruit that good for your skin

July 17, 2017 Category: News

Let’s talk about Mangosteen Extract!!! Have you ever known that mangosteen is a fruit that not only has a good flavor, but also has various benefits for skin. According to the studies and researches, there are many benefits of mangosteen extract, they are rich of astringent and anti-oxidant agent that could fight against sign of aging. Moreover, it has been found that Mangosteen extract are effective ingredient that perfectly fight against acne and P.acne Bacteria, thus it could help reduce acne inflammatory and reduce post-acne spots. Puricas Anti-Acne Gel is a new innovation of anti-acne formula that contains 7% triple action, a power of new extracts, consist of Salicylic Acid 2%, Cytobiol Iris 2% and Acnacidol BG 3% plus concentrated Dragon’s Blood extract and a magical mangosteen extract that helps pull out acnehead and reduced clogged pores. Dragon’s Blood are added to help faded post-acne scar. So if you are looking for a perfect skin treatment with clear-acne result, we would like to recommend you to apply 'Puricas Advanced Formula Anti-Acne Gel with Dragon’s Blood extract' along with 'Puricas Dragon’s Blood Scar Gel’ for smoother and brighter younger looking skin without acnes, spots and scars.